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  • Apple iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3: 111 dati a confronto
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  • Apple iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3: 111 dati a confronto

    This study determines an upper discernible limit for display resolution. Mparlav C'è gente che pur avendo un'udito assolutamente normale, riesce a distinguere tra una cuffia da 50 euro ed una euro, e magari leggi la scheda tecnica ed hanno le stesse caratteristiche. Altri che invece non trovano differenze. Simonex84 si ovvio, un po' come confrontare il numero di ruote, cilindri e cilindrata tra una ferrari e un'autogru per capire qual'è la migliore. Ho un'ottima vista, tanto che non porto né lenti né occhiali e per vedere i pixel sul telefono in firma devo sforzarmi guardandolo da 10cm.

    L'iphone 6 rispetto al moto x ha pure una maggiore densità, ma di che stiamo parlando? Apocalysse 03 Marzo , Ho un'ottima vista, tanto che non porto né lenti né occhiali e per vedere i pixel sul telefono in firma devo sgorzarmi guardandolo da 10cm. Come i telefoni con 3 GB di ram di cui uno è totalmente inutile rispetto a quelli che ne hanno 2.

    Prendi xperia z3 e samsung S5, stesso processore, 1 gb di ram a favore del primo, quasi stesso SO. Prestazioni identiche Mi trovi d'accordo con quello che dici, il problema è che deve esserci anche un'altra alternativa: L'inseguimento allo schermo più grande, con la risoluzione più elevata e con lo spessore minore va bene ma devono esserci anche altre alternative.

    La discussione è consultabile anche qui , sul forum. Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro: A questa domanda cerchiamo di rispondere in questo articolo in cui mettiamo sotto torchio Jumper Ma a che prezzo. La recensione Motorola rinnova la sua offerta della linea Z e lo fa cambiando pochi aspetti estetici a causa della presenza dei Moto Mods ma ne raffina alcuni portandoli alla It's a subtle change from the previous Z2 device, granted, but one that makes a big difference.

    There are still some areas we would criticise, such as the tall design and occasional software excess, but overall Sony has done an excellent job. Just like its Z3 Compact sibling this handset sees Sony arrive in at the fore once again. This is the best Sony phone so far but for Z2 owners, it's worth waiting out for the Xperia Z4 or whatever Sony decides to call its next Xperia flagship smartphone where hopefully we should see something more radically different. Two of the best smartphones of - but which is best?

    Both are well built and powerful, fast and with great displays. Ultimately your choice will be a subjective one on design and build, with the added spice that the Xperia Z3 probably marginally shades the objective comparison - but you can get the HTC One M8 a little cheaper.

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    The UK's 40 best Android smartphones of Thus, if you are tired of charging your smartphone each and every night, which would happen with the iPhone 6, the Xperia Z3 should be on top of your list. If you don't need that extra input, though, you will certainly appreciate the Z3's record battery life for the category, and the nicer feeling it leaves in the palm, pocket, and in the eye of the beholder. Tweaked design and a couple of new features make a solid but samey smartphone Sorgente: In terms of the wider market, the Z3 is up there with the best and a solid choice even if it doesn't have the amount of bells and whistles which others do.

    But there's something about the Z3 that makes it the first Xperia phone I'd be happy to own.

    ≫ Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Sony Xperia Z3 | Confronto smartphone

    As of this writing, my daily driver is an LG G3. That's a phone I've become very fond of. I thought for the period of time I was reviewing the Xperia Z3 that I'd find myself cheating on it with the G3. On paper it's got all the right bits: Yet the sum of those parts doesn't wow me in the way it should.

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    Who really connects up their phone to their TV, when in reality I'd rather have a better sensor on this handset that didn't rely on megapixels but on genuinely improved low-light performance? Until then, consider the Xperia Z3 a comparably priced phone to the best on the market with a lot going for it - just not quite the polished experience I'd hoped for in every area.

    Sony Xperia Z3 review: Smooth, sleek and waterproof. With an all-metal chassis to keep things strong. The problem was that the initial implementations were let down by corners that were too sharp and uncomfortable in the hand, by a disappointing screen and by an under-achieving camera.

    1. potenza della batteria

    Happily, as the Z series has worn on, six months at a time, at least two of these factors have been addressed and completely fixed. Galaxy Note 4 faster and feature packed, but Xperia Z3 wins on design and price Sorgente: There's no clear winner here as these smartphones are so different and will appeal to very different users. Buy the Galaxy Note 4 if you're a fan of TouchWiz and want the S Pen and other additional features like the fingerprint scanner but go for the Xperia Z3 if you want to save some cash on a desirable waterproof phone with good all round performance.

    Confronto, disponibile online, Corto, Data: Overall a great package, but priced outrageously at Rs 51, Sorgente: Apart from the heating issue, there was barely anything major to criticise. The camera performance and battery life performance in particular are quite good. The refinements in the design are a welcome change, although we would have liked the use of a grippier material on the edges.

    So overall a good product, but for one thing — Price! The Pursuit of Refinement Sorgente: You'll really have to consider whether it's worth the premium over the Z2 which now costs around as much as those phones. In terms of price alone, it will probably be more of a competitor to the iPhone 6, as and when it launches in India. Why Sony outpaces Samsung in this smartphone battle Sorgente: However, with more user friendly software, a more premium design and more useful unique features, the Xperia Z3 just about sneaks ahead of the Galaxy S5. It has some minor upgrades which makes it better than the Z2 and it also comes with a best in class camera and great battery life.

    The performance capability of the smartphone is immense and is at par with the other flagship smartphones. Would we recommend the Xperia Z3? The phone also impresses with its battery life and sound quality.

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    • Xperia Z5 Compact vs Xperia Z3 Compact vs iPhone 6: display a confronto (video).
    • Sony Xperia Z3;

    The camera quality has improved over its predecessor, but it still has its own share of issues. Considering its Rs 52, price tag, we believe that the display could have been better. All in all, if you're looking for a balanced flasghip Android, the LG G3 is a cheaper and better option. The curved sides not only look good but help the handling too. The phone is slimmer and the screen bezel has been reduced.

    The rubber finish at the edges provides better protection against accidental drops. Pity the internals received an equally minor upgrade, which simply doesn't make that much of a difference. The quad-core processor is clocked higher at 2. Sony also upped the dust proofing to IP level 6. Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 comparison review: Sony slaps Apple in a flagship smartphone face off - but both face challenges in a Sorgente: Fandroids will swear by the Sony on this one.

    Unusually, Apple is marginally cheaper, but the Xperia Z3 is ahead on almost all quantifiable metrics. That's where we would put our money, principally because of the expandable storage, better display and more robust build. But the iPhone 6 is a big step forward for Apple, and it is by no means a bad deal.

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6: video confronto dal MWC 2015

    OK, Xperia Z2 owners will be grumpy and rightfully so. It can't continue pumping out an iteration of its best phone every six months but Sony itself admits this won't be forever. Just till it gets on top, we'd bet. But even we accept that in the smartphone world Apple's rivals are catching up. In the case of this rival, however, we can't see many compelling reasons to choose the Xperia Z3 over the iPhone 6.

    But although the Xperia is more robust than the iPhone it isn't as pretty, and in all other respects - including price - we'd choose the iPhone 6. We are kind of liking Sony's approach, though, as it allows the company to stay on top of the bi-annual Android cycle of spring-fall flagships, while experimenting and improving with greater frequency. The Z3 has a thinner chassis, faster processor, brighter display and better photo and audio quality than the Z2, while keeping everything else great intact.

    These might not seem significant upgrades each on its own, but the cumulative effect is pretty powerful. The only gripe we have with the phone has to do with Sony's signature thick top and bottom bezels, which makes it largish for the screen size, yet we are willing to let those slide for the waterproof certification, and the front stereo speakers you are getting. The big caveat is that as it shares so much of its hardware with its predecessor, it may not have the longevity of other devices hitting the market like the Galaxy Note 4.

    Sony Xperia Z3 vs Xperia Z2 comparison review: What's the difference between the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2? Is the mini Z3 too good? In fact, unless you want the bigger screen of the Z3, it really makes no sense to buy it over the Compact. Sony might have done too good a job. Sony Xperia Z3 review Sorgente: It's a beautiful device that is lightweight, offered in nice metallic colours and the rounded edges make it a pleasure to hold.

    It stays true to the Xperia style but it is the best looking flagship phone Sony has offered so far by a long way. Sony Xperia Z3 hands on review Sorgente:

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