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  • The app can be configured to load Wikipedia pages in different languages. Televideo Rai sul tuo cellulare Samsung. Scegli la pagina che interessa e guarda le informazioni aggiornate, quali: NapiPlayer is a movie player divx, xvid, h, etc. The Layar Reality Browser is a beautiful, fun augmented reality app that shows you what is around you by displaying real time digital information layers on top of reality. This application simulates a Chemistry book focusing on the Periodic Table of elements. Users will be able to view the elements in table and list format, and allow sorting by name, atomic number, symbol, and mass.

    PocketDOF is a depth of field calculator intended for photographers. Tutti i volumi di PagineGialle e PagineBianche nel palmo della tua mano. In continua evoluzione, al momento possiede le seguenti funzioni: This app is for searching all the content in our mobile at one place. It searches from phone memory as well as micro SD card also.

    User can search for media files,contacts and Google search at one place. Mobile aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in a stressful situation to support other people by giving them instructions. Using this application you can learn how to react when there is an emergency situation. There are 12 various situations inthis app,for which you can learn how-to imply first aid to the victim. This app is targeted towards travelers and will serve as a multi-language pocket guide to everyday conversation. Content will be categorized according to its use, like asking for directions, ordering food, shopping, greetings and salutations, etc.

    The application allows the generation of six sounds at the same time by touching the screen with your fingers. Sounds are generated in the range from 24 to Hz. Generated signal and its frequency are shown on the display. You can generate the sounds you've never heard ,and your neighbor too. The program can also serve as an audiometer for testing hearing or audio devices. You can check whether you need an expensive audio equipment. It is possible that your hearing is so damaged that you are enough low-cost devices with limited frequency range.

    For sounds below Hz, use headphones. Make notes in your phone. Protect your privacy, enjoy your freedom. PhotoCrypto protects your sensitive and private photos with strong encryption algorithm based on irreversible password technique. Where have I parked my car again?

    The car finder app helps you to find places you have been to easily by navigating you back to previously visted locations. You can save up to four different locations. Voice on the Go: SmartRunner is a new sportstracking and geotracking application for your Samsung Bada device, which allows you to record your next run, biking trip, hike, walk, ride, or any other outdoor activity and publish them on www.

    Player Video alternativo con codec aggiornati. Book your rental car wherever you are with Europcar - the number one car rental company in Europe. With the mobile application you can easily make a reservation and search for details on any of our 5, Europcar stations in countries worldwide. Your car rental reservation will be confirmed immediately via sms and email. With just one touch your phone can find you the closest Europcar station by locating you via GPS.

    Already more than iVault users! Save your password in a secure way. Using this application we can calculate the resistance value and tolerance by chosing the colour from the available list. This application is for finding the IP address of mobile device when its connected to network. It also gives network information like DNS address,total packets sent and received,last sent and received.

    This small application display a sorted list containing the version and the real size of each application installed on your SD Card. Useful when you need to retrieve some space on the card! Quotazioni, notizie, tassi di cambio e tassi d'interesse forniti dal famoso portale finanziario. La differenza principale sembrerebbe essere che questo permetta di salvare varie liste e richiamarle di volta in volta. E' solo in inglese e spagnolo.

    You can see speed measured by GPS directly on the windscreen! Turn on "Mirror view" option and put your phone below the windscreen. You can adjust color and brightness by sliding your finger across the screen. SlovoEd - a respected dictionary software brand, top-ranked and best-selling - is available now for Bada devices. SlovoEd dictionary offers the best dictionary content from the world most famous publishers Merriam-Webster Inc: English-German dictionary contains 56 entries - German-English dictionary contains 63 entries BadaArchiver: Powerful application to extract data from various archives.

    Password protected archives are also supported. Sono anche disponibili, ove presenti, le webcam per avere in diretta la situazione meteorologi. LightningTimer calculates the distance between you and lightning strikes. You just have to measure the gap between lightning and thunder. La Cucina del Corriere della sera: Una guida innovativa dedicata alla buona cucina e ai piaceri della cultura del cibo e del vino: The must-have application to get all your trip information on your phone.

    Works online and offline! Currency converter, weather forecast, timezones and phone prefixes list NEW! Check your flight status in real time and visualize alternative flights by subscribing to our real time services offer! For a limited time: Not only useful but very very cool LacViet Reader is an ebook reader application for various platforms. With LacViet Reader, you can bring your book library everywhere, read on the go, quickly browse and buy book from LacViet bookstore.

    Support EPUB e-book format. Other formats will be supported later. TopTop is a feature rich pedometer, which will count your steps as you walk and run. It can also count average speed, distance walked and calories burned based on the physical data you enter. You will be able to review the results of your workouts later using our Track Manager. If you decided to take a break, TopTop can automatically save your track after preconfigured inactivity period.

    This is an online football application that provides fans with many attractive matches all over the world, such as Premier League, Primera la liga, Seria A, Champions League, Europa League Football news, comments, results, ranks as well as schedules are updated every hour or even every minute. With this application you can enjoy football wherever and whenever you want. Running Free Sports Tracker: The Running Free Sports Tracker for Bada provides tools to allow you to record and share the time, distance and tracks for your sport.

    Permette un accesso esclusivo al mondo National Geographic: EverNote is a simple application which provides the user an option to save Text, Audio, Video or an Image note. User would be able to capture an image, video or audio on the go and would be able to save it along with the note. Come trovare i prezzi migliori per benzina, diesel, gpl e metano vicino a te dal tuo telefono Samsung. The application has basically four screens: At the moment the internet development very fast more service created as email, social network, banking and more … If you want to use one service then requirement create an user account for sign, with too account created for each service with one or more account for one service as account yahoo, Google, Face book, Email… too much for manager and in the long time you will to forget and if you want to find again you must have secret question and answer in long time you will to forget it because password manager foundation with functions help for over cases.

    You can use IE to manage your phone manage contacts,browse pictures. Your computer and phone should be in the same LAN. Is a simple music player that allows composing tracklist from: YeTi Player is an advanced mobile video player powered by YouTube.

    Search the entire YouTube mobile catalog to stream videos to your bada phone in high quality when available. Multi-feature program before wasting money on other utility applications. All In One provides: A perfect companion for the runners, joggers, walkers, marathon training, running, jogging, fitness, exercise, weight loss, performance, interval trainers.

    This application can help you in getting into a perfect shape. Its a 9 week schedule which will improve your ability to run 5 Km without stopping. Alternate between intervals of jogging and walking in an increasingly challenging set of workouts. Reset the program and start at any point of time. A 9 week schedule to run 5 Kms without shopping. Alternate intervals of jogging, running and walking. You workout 3 days per week. Each workout session is from minutes long including 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down Detailed pictures of stretches also provided for response.

    ElevationPro lets you know your elevation any time any where. Just invoke the app to know the elevation of the place you are standing and browser through the map to know your current location. Per ciascun film puoi leggere la trama e guardare i trailer. Puoi inoltre inviare il tuo commento sul film e leggere i commenti degli altri utenti.

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    WiFiAnalyser aims at monitoring Wi-Fi networks. One network can be selected to view configuration details with real time RSSI and a signal strength graph with 7-minute history. A graphical visualization showing channel and RSSI of all networks gives a synthesized view of Wi-Fi channels utilization. Traduzione in Italiano da inserire nella Cartellla del Programma: My Trader application will help you in searching a stock, getting its latest values with chart. You can also maintain the list of stocks in different portfolios. This application uses Yahoo! Finance service to provide results.

    Portfolios are maintained exchange wise. Also RSS feeds for business news and stock recommendation are provided. YouTube Download 2 allow user to download YouTube videos in 2 different format: Simply copy and paste! This application developed by Samsung India Software operations, would translate the entered string to a selected language.

    Apart from these options, it also provides an option of translating the data in a file, where the file can be uploaded. Advanced Note is a Bada-platform-based note application by Danal Co. Extra features of Advanced Note other than the typical text-notes are attaching photos and voice files, and hand writing featuresWith Advanced Note, you can enjoy a more sophisticated and yet more convenient note application. Extra features of Advanced Note other than the typical text-notes are attaching photos and voice files, and hand writing features.

    But, certain features are limited in the Lite version. With Advanced Note, you can enjoy a more sophisticated and yet more convenient note application. The program has the following major features: Wi-Fi file transfer from and to any computer. Password-protected folder to keep private information. The Electrical converters is a Must Have application for all those who deal with Electricals. The easy to use interface can make the conversions quick and easy.

    You can convert anything to anything quickly while you're on the go. More than conversions possible. Snap N' Go is a useful tool that lets you transfer content "magically" between a PC and a mobile device by just pointing at the PC screen. All you have to do is focus on the desired item on the PC screen with your devices camera preview and snap grab it.

    Wind Configurazione apn Apple Iphone 7 Plus

    The item is then wirelessly copied to your mobile device. You can snap text, pictures, URL links, calendar events, and other types of files. SN'G automatically places the copied item in an appropriated location on your mobile device for convenient future usage. Inoltre con la funzione LIVE, sei sempre connesso alla community degli utenti: PodcastPlayer is an application for discovering, retrieving and listening to audio files called podcasts.

    Podcasts, whose contents vary widely are like radio shows, the only difference being their method of distribution. Applicazione fatta veramente bene, per chi vuole racchiudere in un solo programma bussola, calibro, livella ecc E' possibile ascoltare radio in streaming. Sto cercando di capire se riesco ad ascoltare le radio italiane. Funziona in background eccetto se si caricano applicazioni esterne. In pratica un sotto desktop dove si possono caricare facebook twitter, un convertitore, gestore eventi,scrittura sms ecc.

    Peccato sia piuttosto scattoso. Per ricercare eventi nella zona. This handy application allows you, to manage your private collection of books or wish list with your Samsung Wave device. You can use Graphic Calculator to: Listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world on your phone using TuneIn Radio application. Applicazione per ricercare gli orari dei treni italiani. Include anche i ritardi. Add comment authors to contact book. Overlay RGB histogram directly reflects changes.

    A lot of ways to modify images: With this 'ImageBlender', you can easily give the out-focusing effect to photos taken by your camera phone. Prevede anche una galleria online per caricare i tuoi dipinti. Trippo Language Communicator acts as an instant interpreter translating and speaking your spoken phrases in just seconds. Two main operating modes. Bi-directional mode is optimized for instant conversations between you and your foreign counterpart.

    More than 50 languages supported by text. Recognition initially supports English but will soon be extended with additional languages. Questa applicazione in grado di visualizzare i vari punti di accesso WiFi in zona. E 'inoltre possibile salvare questi dati in un file per il vostro cellulare, un altro dispositivo tramite Bluetooth , per E-Mail. WOL allows you to switch on remote computers with your phone using 3g and WiFi connections. The perfect complement to "Easy VNC"! WakeOnLan sends WOL packet over UDP port 9, if you want to switch on a remote host from the Internet 3g connection you must add a static route rule to your router to redirect incoming UDP-9 packets to private network broadcast.

    Un raccoglitore di cheat codes per giochi PC. Per restare in contatto con i propri amici sempre e ovunque, facile da usare, e con le funzioni potenti e creative. Matita, Linea, Rettangolo, Round, testo, riempimento a colori, gomma. Numero illimitato di Annulla e Ripristina. Invio file immagine salvati via Bluetooth o e-mail.

    Wattpad consente l'accesso immediato a oltre Player musicale in diretta connessione con il proprio account Last. Applicazione di riconoscimento vocale per chiamare e comandare il proprio smartphone con l'utilizzo della voce. Sono garantiti un'alta precisione e accurateza del riconoscimento vocale. Widget che ti collega velocemente e direttamente al mondo MSN attravero i suoi link: Calendar 01,02,03,04 AccuWeather Clock: Get the most accurate and local weather forecasts straight from your Samsung Mobiles with AccuWeather.

    Use your remote control to access 5-day forecasts, severe weather alarms, radar, and satellite images on demand. Toggle between multiple locations, so no matter where you are traveling, you can get the weather you need. Windows Live Mail Widget. Analog clock with different designs. Tap on the clock to switch the look. Bing mobile search Widget. A widget with shortcuts to the mobile version of three popular websites: Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! This Widget shows the events and tasks sorted by date and time up to 16 lines , also for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly iteration.

    It is updates every 5 minutes with the actual date. This powerful widget is the perfect tool for accessing a wide range of search services in the internet - at your fingertip. Displays events and tasks as trasparent widget. ClockX is simple English-Russian digital transparent clock with hidden menu for change color of digits, can switch to show actual date and weekday and also change location of this info. Tap on points to show menu. English and Russian languages. Questo widget permette di accedere facilmente ai principali motori di ricerca con un click: Verrete collegati direttamente alla pagina desiderata con la vostra ricerca impostata.

    CalendarX is English-Russian calendar with hidden menu for change size, switch grid, change background colors etc. Tap on the white panel with date - show menu. This weather widget is based on the prototype Simply Weather Widget made by Tribal I modified it with new icons and rearrange it's dimensions. Watch the time in a styled manner. All in One widget! Twitrend permette di rimanere aggiornati in tempo reale sui tweet del Social Network Twitter. Tech, hobby, Travel, Food, Feeling e Trends.

    The widget is based of the first version of "Simply Weather". I have changed graphics much and added some new functions.

    Visualizzare e modificare le impostazioni APN

    The information about weather will be get from "AccuWeather". Con questo widget potrai rimanere sempre in contatto con BadaItalia. Visualizza gli ultimi aggiornamenti sulle news provenienti dal mondo Bada, le ultime discussioni dal forum e gli ultimi tweets effettuati da BadaItalia. Widget all in one. Widget per le notizie sportive della BBC. Widget per le notizie della BBC. Ottimo widget realizzato dal nostro Strablick per avere sempre a disposizione preferiti, applicazioni fondamentali ed una SearchBar orientata verso i principali motori di ricerca.

    Il classico gioco che trasforma le immagini in puzzle. Memorizza la sequenza and repetila per vincere il gioco. Se hai la stoffa per competere con gli appassionati di tutto il mondo, sfodera il tuo cellulare e scopri l'effetto Tetris! Need For Speed Shift: Classico gioco di memoria. Il Cubo di Rubik in 3D. Il Campo Minato per Bada. Caligo Chaser, a beat 'em up style slash and dash action arcade game at your finger tips. Each map is tailored to automatically scroll horizontally to break free from the restrictions of the limited screen size.

    Stunningly well-designed stages, characters, and monsters to keep you playing for hours. Save Emporion from the dark forces that haunt the city!! Hockey Nations is a full arcade simulation of the sport featuring 14 national teams from around the World. Raccolta di giochi sportivi. Ti svegli da solo su una spiaggia sconosciuta. La tua nave e l'intera flotta sono scomparse Lotta contro terribili mostri, sconfiggi Cerbero e i Ciclopi e sfida gli dei!

    Il classico gioco della Briscola! In questa versione Flash Lite affronti un avversario virtuale in una serrata partita a due. Uno sparatutto di fantascienza rivoluzionario sul tuo telefono Samsung! Combatti per la sopravvivenza del genere umano contro gli aggressivi alieni chiamati Giudici in questa coinvolgente opera spaziale. Sarai il capitano Ryan Lorenz e prenderai possesso di un corpo sperimentale in parte Na'vi e in parte umano, diventando il primo Avatar. Bash'n'Crush your way through relentless levels destroying an ever increasing amount of enemies and play through awesome cinematic end of level boss battles.

    Gareggia su 14 piste, incluso il mitico Circuito Mazda di Laguna Seca e piste urbane e da rally. Supera le prove di guida e le sfide fino a diventare un pilota provetto in GT Racing: Blades of Fury HD: Tuffati in questo adattamento del celebre gioco per PC, un mix perfetto di strategia e costruzione con un gameplay studiato appositamente per tuo telefono Samsung.

    Il numero 1 fra i giochi fa il giro del mondo! Anche le case, gli alberghi e gli altri elementi ti stupiranno con un nuovo stile cosmopolita! Break ME - Pro: This Pro version has various elements - speed change, double break, bonus balls, multiple ball play and laser add-on spread across 10 levels.

    Video Tutorial - Configurazione Android

    Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior: A masterpiece of the 3D martial arts genre, features players fighting in historical locations around the world in an attempt to become the Master of Martial Arts and honor Bruce Lee's legacy. Il classico gioco Otello. This is a classic logic game and perfect time killer! Empire Defense is portable tower defense experience. Featuring open maps, upgrades, achievements and nice graphics. Are you ready to take on the most adrenaline pumping 3D street racer ever on a handheld platform?

    Raging Thunder 2 will take you through abandoned temples, tropical beaches, snow-covered mountains, the Great Wall and a range of other breathtaking vistas the world over!

    Wind Configurazione apn Apple Iphone 7 Plus

    Locked up and only one way to get out. This game has pretty high stakes, your life. You either beat these guys and win the equipment you need to escape or the next 50 years are gonna get ugly real fast. Pick your poison, Texas Hold'em, Five card draw or Seven card stud and you better be sure cause this ain't Vegas baby.

    Oh yeah, what happens in Prison stays in Prison, for real. A colorful planet inhabited by round, furry critters - the Furballs - is attacked by ruthless, cold Squarie, a cruel villain who wants to transform everything into the shape he represents and considers the most superior. The way you open your game in chess matters a lot. Since these opening moves will eventually determine the course of the game, playing a good first move is equally important.

    Here you will find most popular chess openings!! Rugby Nations is back with a vengeance bringing more beastly action from the game of gentlemen than ever before. Save the Orbs and Save the World on your Wave! La popolare saga di Sparta continua, dopo il primo rivoluzionario capitolo. Puzzle Mania is a collection of entertaining puzzle games. All of them are 48 pieces puzzles, playable on 3 levels of difficulty. Puzzle Defence is a new game combining puzzles with a turn based battle system.

    The aim is to clear each stage and arrive at the final stage. ToonWarz is a 3D action FPS featuring both single player missions and real-time multiplayer death-matches. After an unsuccessful experiment in government secret biological laboratories, unique disease infected humanity. You are one of the few who didn't change into zombies. Now you must fight for your life in this endless nightmare. Avrai il controllo totale della tua squadra in campo e fuori del campo, potrai personalizzare le strategie delle partite, allenare i tuoi giocatori a livello individuale e di squadra, trattare i contratti e creare la tua squadra modello.

    The Adventures of Capt. A collection of free games to share with your friends, welcome to playtomo! Games that you pick-up easily but can't turn off. Play against your facebook friends. A new game every month directly added to your playtomo app. Super Hero is a mobile minigame that illustrates Green Team, an environment proctect team that fights against ET's invation, in 11 mini games. Fantasy dewdrop is Patron saint of flower.

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    5. Take your best shot,to save all the flowers! Se avete un piano 4G potete abilitarlo altrimenti navigherete in 3G vedi foto sopra. Avete finito ma aspettate, non uscite, dovete salvare semplicemente cliccando in alto sulla freccia indietro Cellulare. Se avete ancora dubbi, per verificare la correttezza dei dati andate al sito Web Wind oppure è possibile chiamare il Servizio Clienti al numero chiamata gratuita da tutti i telefonini Wind e telefoni fissi Infostrada.

      QUI trovi tutti gli accessori per il tuo apple. Configurare internet su iPhone iOS 9 by telefoninostop. Fondatore di TelefoniNostop ed editore. Sono un grande appassionato di telefonia e del mondo della tecnologia. Curo anche la parte grafica del blog. Letteralmente cresciuto a pane e hardware. Amazon Prime Day — Promozioni gaming 16 luglio Amazon Prime Day — Smartwatch e fitness tracker 16 luglio

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    Che cos'è mSpy?

    mSpy è il leader mondiale nel campo delle soluzioni di monitoraggio, in grado di soddisfare ogni esigenza del cliente per questioni di sicurezza e di praticità.

    Come funziona

    Sfrutta tutto il potenziale di questo software di monitoraggio per cellulari

    Controlla i software di messaggistica

    Accedi a tutte le conversazioni e le app di messaggistica istantanee presenti sul dispositivo monitorato.

    Contattaci 24/7

    Il nostro servizio di assistenza dedicato può essere contattato tramite email, chat o telefonicamente.

    Conserva i tuoi dati

    Tieni al sicuro i tuoi dati, effettuane il backup o esportali.

    Controlla più dispositivi

    Puoi monitorare contemporamente sia smartphone (Android, iOS) che computer (Mac, Windows).

    Controlla grazie a mSpy


    Supporto internazionale al cliente 24/7

    mSpy presta attenzione alle esigenze di ogni singolo cliente, attraverso il suo servizio di assistenza attivo 24/7


    Soddisfazione Clienti pari al 95%

    La soddisfazione di ogni cliente è la cosa più importante per mSpy. Il 95% dei clienti di mSpy si ritiene soddisfatto dal servizio e sarebbe disposto ad usufruirne nuovamente.

    mSpy makes customers happy

    • Dopo aver provato mSpy, questo programma è diventato un alleato insostituibile per me. Mi permette di sapere sempre quello che fanno i miei figli, così posso anche assicurarmi che stiano bene. Mi piace anche il fatto di poter regolare varie impostazioni, per decidere quali contatti, siti o app far utilizzare o no.

    • mSpy è un'app che mi permette di tenere sotto controllo tutto ciò che fa mio figlio su internet. Posso anche bloccare qualsiasi contatto sospetto, se dovessero essercene. È una scelta intelligente per un genitore moderno.

    • Tenere al sicuro i propri figli è fondamentale per qualsiasi genitore. mSpy mi aiuta a tenere d'occhio mia figlia quando non posso stare con lei. La consiglio senza alcun dubbio!

    • Mio figlio passa le sue intere giornate al telefono, quindi è meglio che ogni tanto io controlli che non combini niente di male. mSpy mi permette di sapere sempre tutto ciò che fa, senza perdermi nulla.

    • Stavo cercando un'app che potesse tenere d'occhio i miei figli quando io non posso stare con loro. Un'amico mi ha consigliato mSpy. Mi piace! Mi aiuta a tenere sotto controllo i miei figli da tutti i pericoli della rete.


    Quest'app è concepita esclusivamente per utilizzi legali e solo se si hanno determinate ragioni per utilizzare un software di monitoraggio. Le compagnie, per esempio, potrebbero informare i propri dipendenti che i propri telefoni aziendali sono controllati per ragioni di sicurezza

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